Customer Firm Year Project Value    
TOT Plc. 2012 Sub-Contracting work for Ideo Morph 38 FTTx Telecommunication System (Huawei Brand) Project 6,915,250.00
The Metropolitan Electricity Authority 2012 Selling and Installing SDH Equipment System for SCADA/EMS and related equipment Project 68,300,000.00
TOT Plc. 2011 Sub-Contracting work for SIM Management Expansion Project 45,490,000.00
TOT Plc. 2011 Sub-Contracting work for MEGA BANGNA Telecommunication System Installation 5,320,000.00
The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters (Joint Communication Department) 2011 Selling Spare parts  for Soft Switch (Hauwei Brand, series SoftX3000) purposing to the power transmission and repairing  development project fiscal year 2011 656,700.00
TOT Plc. 2011 Sub-Contracting work for  TOT Multi Service Access Node (MSAN 6 Node)  Project 12,459,265.00
TOT Plc. 2011 The purchase and sale agreement for Microwave Spare parts 1,767,360.00
CAT 2011 Sub-Contracting work for Optical Fiber Cable  for  CDMA  Installing Project 88,061,000.00
TOT Plc. 2011 Sub-Contracting work for 3G Traffic Management and Controlling System     (Cisco Brand) Installation 48,450,000.00
TOT Plc. 2010 Sub-Contracting work for Performance and Fault Management System Installing 48,000,000.00
Thai Sato Professional Co., Ltd. 2010 Sub-Contracting work for Passive Optical, Network Equipments Installation 11,875,000.00
TOT Plc. 2010 Sub-contracting worked for Soft Switch License Expansion at Nakhon Luang Area (Huawei Brand)  94,941,592.00
TOT Plc. 2010 Sub-contracting work for Soft Switch  License Expansion at Krung Kasem and Khonken  purposing to Dual Homing preparation (Huawei Brand)  77,959,392.00
Jasmine Telecom Co., Ltd. 2010 Sub-contracting work for  installing TOT Multi Service Access Node (MSAN), WDM and related equipment at Zone 4 1,119 places 52,037,340.00
TOT Plc. 2010 Installing of exchange system equipment of Huawei brand in LPN areas. 55,997,021.00
TOT Plc. 2010 Installing of the communication system of the electrical train system project, Suvarnabhumi Airport and the plane passenger transport stations in the city  (SARL Project). 83,782,798.00
TOT Plc. 2010 Installing of equipment of HUAWEI brand of the 2G-to-10G Access Switch Expansion Plan. 78,851,051.00
TOT Plc. 2010 Sub-contracting work of installing of the Fraud Management System. 44,300,000.00
TOT Plc. 2009 Sub-contracting works of exchange equipment installing and 1996’s SPC equipment replacement. 232,485,000.00
TOT Plc. 2009 Sub-contracting works of equipment installing as per the Broadband Ip Network Expansion Project. 278,814,200.00
TOT Plc. 2009 Installing of Hybrid Aggregate Switch Equipment. 186,000,000.00
Department of Electronic
Communication, Air Force
2009 Sub-contracting works of  repair and maintenance of SDH และ MICROWAVE components. 11,140,183.18
TOT Plc. 2009 Sub-contracting works of SIM Management System installing. 39,490,824.00
TOT Plc. 2009 Network Planning Tool together with peripherals of Aircom brand. 51,200,000.00