Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors recognized the importance of the good governance that it is necessary to make the operating system efficient and promote the corporate operations to expand continually and stably, which shall create the confidence of the shareholders, investors and those relevant, not to mention its maximum benefits for the Company for long term. The Company thus has designated its good corporate governance in line with that for the listed companies in the Securities Exchange of Thailand. The Board of Directors has sent the good corporate governance to the Directors and employees in all levels to make them understand and adhere to. Following are the significant contents of the Company’s good corporate governance.
Equal and fair treatments to all shareholders and those with interest in the Firm.
The Board of Directors’ determination to create added values to the business in long term, careful management, responsibility for the operations under sufficient abilities and efficiency for maximum benefits to shareholders, prevention against interest conflicts and accountability for their decisions and actions.
Transparent, fair and auditable business undertaking with adequate data disclosure for all parties.
Careful business operations especially with respect to risks upon the assessment, solution strategic enactment and proper yet constant risk management follow-ups.
Corporate Code of Conducts and good governance policies set up by the Board of Directors for their members, the Management and all employees to abide by in compliance to the Securities Exchange of Thailand’s guidelines with the emphasis on internal control and auditing to ensure the Management’s operative efficiency and conformity to business laws and ethics.
Promotion and supports for all Directors and the Management to attend the relevant training about the roles and duties of their roles that are administered by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) and other agencies.